Team Joy Recipes & rituals for better teamwork


You’ll learn:

  • How to design meetings that don’t suck.
  • Slash meetings and emails. So the team has more time for deep work and the good stuff.
  • Facilitate team retrospectives that make your team healthier and happier each week.
  • Set clear, inspiring goals. Grounded in individual passion and collective purpose.
  • Use the Happiness Index to work life balance. Why work-life balance usually fails, and how to use the Happiness Index to fix it.
  • Overcoming chronic over-busyness and multi-tasking. For you and your team, to get to focus and deep work.
  • Listen to the people you serve. Building stronger feedback loops between your team and the people you’re trying to serve — your customers, community members or x.
  • Hack “office brain” to create more psychological security for you and your team.
  • Make it easier for others to learn and help.



  1. the open manifesto: 7 lessons from an unlikely global movement.
  2. working open defined: the what, why and how of working out loud
  3. collaboration is our business: why empowering others is the new best way to get ahead.
  4. open minded: your brain on open. the psychology of agile collaboration. why transparency feels good.
  5. how-to: specific strategies, tips and case studies from the field.
  6. organizational culture: open leadership, social hacks and troubleshooting.
  7. open revolution: taking on gatekeepers and Goliaths. building the world we want.

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