Developing civic tech leaders Mozilla's NetGain executive education project

The Ford Foundation’s NetGain Report outlines a key challenge: the civil society sector (governments, advocacy organizations and social service providers) face a widespread difficulty in gaining the skills and tech talent they need to keep pace in a digital world.

There’s a need to provide executive education opportunities that give government and nonprofit leaders the “tech literacy” skills they need to lead technology teams, and, more broadly, effective organizations in the digital age. —NetGain Report

In 2016, Mozilla is convening open discussions and early experiments to address this gap. How we can help senior leaders in governments, advocacy organizations and social service providers gain the skills and mindset they need to lead, innovate and attract the tech talent they need? What’s missing from the current training and educational offerings for this group? What are some early hypotheses or interventions we might test together?

Context and Detail

  • NetGain Report — research and analysis on the “tech talent pipeline” and leadership gap for governments, social service providers and advocacy orgs
  • Mozilla’s NetGain Executive Education proposal — more detail on the thinking and early plan behind this work, including a 2016 roadmap.
  • Sample topics — what are the kinds of skills and knowledge we think civic tech leaders should know? An early straw man draft in progress with key topics and potential reading.

Getting started

  • Tasks — what we’re working on now (GitHub issues repo)
  • Get in touch — Questions? Interested in getting more involved? Please don’t hetitate to get in touch.