What I do My core competencies

What I do

  • Strategic planning. Helping non-profits craft a clear multi-year vision and strategy, then break it into achievable quarterly goals. 
  • Agile training. Helping teams execute their plans in a more mindful and seamless way. Designing and implementing systems for continuous team reflection, learning and improvement. Translating agile methodologies (like Scrum and Lean) into the language and values of non-profits.
  • Facilitation and social leadership. Facilitating team retrospectives, trainings and workshops. Working with executive teams to strengthen organizational culture, teamwork and engagement.
  • Storytelling and impact narratives. Making complex goals and internal communication short, clear and measurable. Putting a human face on the work through impact narratives that showcase the people your strategic plans are meant to serve.
  • Speaking and presenting. Translating and synthesizing key collaboration trends for non-profits. Past speaking engagements include the U.S. Library of Congress, London School of Economics, McGill University, the McConnell Foundation, plus many non-profit and open source conferences.